Crotto Quartino – Piuro, Italy

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Read about our day trip to Chiavenna and our gastronomic adventure at Crotto

Quartino in the town of Piuro, up near the Swiss border.  We tried the specialty Pizzoccheri Chiavennaschi and visited an authentic Crotto wine cellar.




Discovering Pizzoccheri Chiavennaschi in Valchievenna-Valtellina, Lombardy

If you have read any of my previous posts about Pizzocchieri, you’ll know that it’s a special kind of buckwheat pasta from the Valtellina area in northern Italy.

What you don’t know is …and what I have recently discovered, is that there are TWO kinds of pizzocchieri!

Today, at the Crotto Quartino in Piuro, we tried Pizzoccheri Chiavennaschi, a.k.a. white pizzoccheri or white gnocchi. It’s a real treat, as it’s a specialty dish you won’t find in restaurants abroad.

In the pre-alp region of Sondrio just north of Lake Como is the valley of Chiavenna, known as Valchiavenna. In the town of Piuro, just minutes away from the Swiss border is the Crotto Quartino, a traditional eatery run by brothers Fabio and Mauro Salini, serving homemade specialties, local meats and produce.

Crotto Quartino
Via dei Quartini 5
23020 S. Croce di Piuro (So)
Tel. +39 034 335 305