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Sicily the Paradise Island of Gods, Grandeur and Glamour

Published in ItalyTravelandMore.com –  Tour Sicily by car or by train, travel  guide How to get the most out of your visit to Sicily! No matter what kind of traveler you are, Sicily has it all. Archaeology, tradition and glamour all found on this Italian paradise island. Sicily the Paradise Island of Gods, Grandeur and Glamour “To have seen Italy without having…

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Crotto Quartino – Piuro, Italy

Published in Lakecomostyle.com – Read about our day trip to Chiavenna and our gastronomic adventure at Crotto Quartino in the town of Piuro, up near the Swiss border.  We tried the specialty Pizzoccheri Chiavennaschi and visited an authentic Crotto wine cellar. TRADITIONAL TASTES AT CROTTO QUARTINO (PIURO)     Discovering Pizzoccheri Chiavennaschi in Valchievenna-Valtellina, Lombardy If you have read any…

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Video Promo for Lake Como

Promotional video for Lake Como  A perfect destination for your European vacation.  The video features  Como, Lecco, Varenna and Bellagio as well as other small towns and villages nearby. Lake Como has everything you need for a family holiday or romantic getaway vacation; luxury hotels , vacation rentals, fine dining and traditional cuisine. Video produced by Celia Abernethy TravelPostRepeat.com See…

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Published in Milanostyle.com A One Day Itinerary in Milan, Italy You’ve only got one day to visit Milan – here is a guide on how to best spend your time. You can follow this D.I.Y. tour, or book a 3 hour tour with a guide. Morning Start the day at Bar Magenta for morning coffee and fresh croissants and brioche. Bar Magenta…

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Published in HuffingtonPost.com I have lived in Italy for most of my adult life and it always amazes me how superstitious the Italians are. A few, but not all superstitions even have a remedy. Just don’t do these things or you may have bad luck! 1. It is bad luck to walk under a ladder. If you are climbing up…

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