5 Towns of Lake Como You’ve Never Heard Of

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When I mention to people I live on Lake Como everybody says “Oh, near George Clooney?”.

Way back in 2002, Clooney had bought Villa Oleandra in Laglio, on the western branch of the lake but according to the national Italian news channel TG24 he sold it last year. Nonetheless, people still associate George and Lake Como.

I live on the eastern branch of Lake Como. Lake Como is shaped like an upside-down Y. Como is at the southwestern tip and Lecco is at the southeastern tip.  At the middle point, we find Bellagio.

The most popular cities are Como, Lecco, Varenna and Bellagio but all along the shores in between, there are lovely little towns and villages.

Here are 5 towns of Lake Como’s eastern branch I think you should take the time to visit…


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