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Sharing Italy, one post at a time.

My mission is to provide readers with interesting information about style and quality that will make their visit to Italy a memorable occasion.

celia-meet-your-blogger-dsc_0507Each post is a new experience, a new opportunity for the reader to find  new information about YOU, get to know you and understand you.

I’m Celia, originally from NY, I came to walk the runways of Milan but then I never left! I have lived in Italy for… let’s say..quite a while now.  I teach English  and  I love writing.  I share my discoveries of my travels and experiences in Italy and beyond. I try to give readers an insider’s view of what to do, where to go and how to do it in style while visiting Italy and other destinations.

My blogs, and have an encompassing total of 74,000 visitors per year. If you are a company that would like to be featured in these sites then I am your blogger!

I also create content for other publications such as the (USA addition), the Influencer network and I’m a member of the travel bloggers network. My work is written in English for international audiences. Visit the sites or click here to see my latest work.

I offer content creation and  writing services for travel and tourism:























Writing  & Blogging

I create local guides, hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, feature stories on travel, shopping, food, and local culture of Italy and beyond.

An interesting story and great information engages the audience. I will write ad-hoc articles about and for you. I’m curious,  patient, a tenacious researcher, and I don’t mind getting up early or staying up late if it means I’ll get the job done! Content marketing means that information about you and your services is diffused through other channels rather than your own website. I mange three websites  about tourism in Italy and I write for a variety of  publications and well known blogs.

 I produce and manage:
2016 : 71, 092 visitors  and 90,442 page views
2015: 52,457 visitors and 112,213 page views

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Opened November 2016: 2772 visitors and  6772 page views

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Opened December 2016: 931 v isitors and  649  page views

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I will also write for your print or online publication.

I collaborate with and contribute to:,,

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My camera skills are quite good too..see my photo album here

(For photo essay articles, I have connections with top photographers that can accopmpany me on assignments )


Online marketing 

Your page is competing with millions of other pages. SEO optimization and social media sharing is done for each page I publish which helps with better ranking in the search engines.  I work in partnership with APM Consulting services to get the best ranking and social sharing for pages.


Brand Reviews

I will review your service or product

Interviews, Hotel, Restaurant & Brand Reviews. I will visit your establishment or review your product or app and make my professional observations and assessments. I have work and life experience in fashion, restaurant service and management,  graphics and web development. I have experience on luxury, five star mystery audits. After a briefing from your management on quality standards, procedures and expectations, I will visit your business establishment and report back to you on the performance of the staff, their professionalism, the atmosphere, and cleanliness.











 Proofreading & Translations


For clients that don’t need writing but need a translation or new set of eyes to proofread work in English. I can proofread or translate your travel and tourism  text from Italian to English.
I am qualified Cambridge University ESL Teacher and have a B2 certification for Italian from the University of Siena.




For English language teaching and coaching services see

Rates are based on research time,  number of words and deadline date.

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